Dayton, OH: Man with two penises accused of raping two women - at the same time

A Dayton, Ohio man suffering from the rare condition of diphallia - penile duplication - has been accused of the rape of two women simultaneously after he was invited back to their apartment last night.

The 27-year old man, who cannot be named for legal reasons, suffers from a rare developmental abnormality which only affects around 1 in every 6 million male infants, and was born with two functioning penises.

According to his statement to investigators, he went out with friends to a bar and met a pair of female college students, both aged 21. He says he got talking to them and revealed that he has two penises, and says that the girls were both fascinated and later invited him back to the apartment that they shared.

While the girls admitted to inviting him back to their place for the night, this is where the story diverges. While the accused man claims the girls wanted to have sex with him, the pair claim that he forced himself onto them and raped them both simultaneously.

“We invited him back only because we wanted to go somewhere private to see his two penises,” said one of the alleged victims. “After he pulled down his pants we were a bit disgusted to see it, so we asked him to put his clothes back on and leave. But instead he pushed us both on the ground and started raping us at the same time.”

The man claims the sex was completely consensual. “I’ve had many threesomes in the past, women seem fascinated by my twin penises and these girls were no different. I don’t know why they would claim I raped them, it would be physically impossible for me to insert both penises into two women unless it was consensual.”