Bloomington, IL: Female rape victim charged after stalking attacker and stripping the skin off his genitals with potato peeler

A 37-year old woman in Bloomington, Illinois who was the victim of a rape earlier this year has been charged for a revenge attack, in which she stalked her rapist and then assaulted him with a potato peeler, stripping the skin off his genitals.

The woman, who cannot be named for legal reasons, was raped by a 56-year old local man earlier this year at her home. However, the man was never charged with the rape after the woman refused to testify against him.

“We begged her to change her mind but she said she didn’t want him to get locked up in prison where he would have a comfortable life,” said prosecutors. Unable to bring the man before court without the victim’s testimony, they reluctantly let her go.

As it turns out, the woman had a good reason for not wanting her rapist to be sent to jail. With him still out in the open, she had a much better chance of getting her revenge on him. Investigators believe she began stalking the man and following him around on a daily basis.

Early yesterday morning, it is alleged the woman broke into the man’s property and knocked him out before restraining him to his bed with cable ties. She is then said to have taken a potato peeler and used it to remove the skin from his penis & testicles.

The woman then reported her crime to authorities and called paramedics to treat the man. “I still ended up treating him better than he treated me,” she told officers. “He got exactly what he deserved, instead of spending a few months in jail he ended up getting hurt just like I did, and now he’ll never be able to rape anyone again.”